Enhancing efficiency, quality of care

Secure EDI solutions result in increased efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Secure EDI's relationships and reputation gives you seamless transactions from and to payers, nationwide. Through one channel, you are able to process electronic transactions with your payers from start to finish; from the time a patient walks into a provider's office until a payment is made and the claim reconciled. Easy-to-use web tools allow you to see their status every step of the way:


Electronic Claims - Entry point for electronic claim submission to the HIPAA clearinghouse with multiple options for entry, editing and processing. Enhances operational efficiency, increases data accuracy and encourages migration to a total on-line claim submission environment.


Real-time Eligibility - Instant verification of patient eligibility and coverage under more than 400 different health plans by accessing the Secure EDI HIPAA clearinghouse. Determines financial responsibility before services are provided.


Real-time Claim Status - Access to current claim status for all claims in process, as well as archived claims. Speeds access to information and eliminates the need for lengthy telephone calls to payers.


Claim Tracking - Permanently archived claims that can be tracked instantly on-line by patient, service line or other criteria. Enhances patient service while offering providers instant access to information for input into practice management systems.


Proprietary Reports - Medicare and Medicaid fiscal intermediary proprietary reports supported in the format provided by the intermediary. Enables providers to receive reports in familiar formats and assures that providers and intermediaries are working from common templates.


Electronic Remittance Advice/Payment Management and Reconciliation - Automated matching of electronic funds transfer (EFT) with each claim paid for ease of reconciliation by providers, including clear definitions of covered services and procedures. Eliminates the time consuming claim and payment reconciliation process commonly associated with EFT and automatically generates an explanation of benefits.


Business Intelligence - Analytical tools that providers can use to produce robust analytical reports related to practice financials, marketing and other purposes, including management of multi-provider and multi-office practices. Converts detailed raw data into actionable management information for providers.


Product and service tutorials - Easy-to-use tutorials available in both English and Spanish. Assures rapid orientation of new employees and full utilization of functions and capabilities to maintain high levels of provider office efficiency.